Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Sisters be doing too much with the food

There are a couple of Sister girls on Youtube who I watch because they are so interesting and up on their game.  Youtube has become the vehicle for those sisters who are enterprising and entrepreneurial and have personality to go with it.  I admire them because they are maximizing the Youtube platform, and they are doing their fabulous thing, as well as becoming famous in the process.  Some of them have millions of hits in their Youtube statistics.  They inspire me to overcome fer and do my Youtube thing as well.

Now I said all of that to show my approval of these ladies, so that you will know I have nothing but love for both of these sisters. They are the bomb and I will continue watching their channels.  What I'm about to point out is absolutely nothing personal against these two sisters.  As I have stated, I have nothing but love for them both.  But I gots no love at all for the way they're preparing their food in these particular videos.  To me, it's just exasperating to watch them lay it so thick, and as I watch, I can make no practical sense of it.  It seems so over the top and extremely wasteful, frankly, and I can't help but wonder why so many of us cook like this.

When we cook, why do some of us have to go and put soooo much on it? What, exactly, is the meaning of this?  If what we're doing is trying to be cute, it's a total fail, in my humble opinion.

I've watched a number of chefs on the Food Network and other cooking networks do this same thing.  Are we sisters copying them?  When Emeril declares the wonders of "pig fat" and Paula Deen tosses butter, one stick after the other in her pan, I have to wonder why, and why would we mimic this?  My mom never cooked like this.  I remember my first introduction to this style of go hard cooking was with Patti Labelle's cookbook back in the day.   I was shocked to learn that her "Over The Rainbow" Macaroni and Cheese had FIVE different cheeses in it!  Say WHAT?

If its for flavor's sake, the above examples have gone far beyond that place where flavor peaks.  It may seem cute to pile drive the fat in your dish, maybe in homage to Emeril, Paula and Patti, but it's extremely extra, not to mention being detrimental to your health and life!

In the above video, Carolyn is obviously being cute with piling on the fat, for it's own sake. She was doing really good in the beginning of the video as she prepared her baked chicken wings.  It's obvious that this girl knows how to get down in the kitchen.  She's very fluent in kitchenese!  And she was doing so well with the baked chicken wings. But right about the 11:30 mark, she goes in as she prepares her "Double Stuffdt Burgers".  She stuffs and piles on the fat, and she keeps going in each minute thereafter.  She did bake the chicken wings, though, and for that I thank her.

In this video, Tina is dead serious about what she's doing.  As she prepares her "Creamy Cheesy Chicken Fettucini, she starts going in at the 2:20 mark.  At the 6:20 mark, she goes hard and adds another BAM! to her dish each minute thereafter.

My point here is not to lambaste these two very beautiful sisters.  But I will go in on the cooking styles they are choosing.  This is the type of cooking that destroys our health.  There's no two ways about it.  There's too many of us struggling with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, organ failure and an overall state of physical disease to be eating like this.  This overfattening of our food is what contributes to the lessening of the quality of our lives.  Decade after decade, Americans are getting sicker and sicker at younger and younger ages! Too many of us have made not feeling our best, our new normal.  We have gotten used to a much lower quality of health, and many of us accept it like it's just our lot in life.  We stay committed to our eating habits, even though we know they are killing us.

As women we are exercising power as we feed this type of food to our families.  We are hurting our children and destroying their health.  I know this sounds very harsh and hard, but it's the unvarnished truth!  We don't do it maliciously, but we do it none the less.  The question is will we keep doing it?

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