Thursday, October 4, 2012

Iyanla Vanzant vs Evelyn Lozada

Roundtable of war and grace  Anna Renee
Not too long ago, Evelyn Lozada's life made turn for the worse, when her month old marriage fell apart.  She accused her husband Ocho Cinco of domestic violence after he allegedly head butted her during a confrontation they had.
I have never watched her show, but had read things here and there about her out of control temper.  Some people were even commenting on Facebook that just because she has out of control anger issues, does not mean she deserves to be domestically abused by her husband.  Interestingly, many women feel she did deserve it - what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  She dished it out, so she should be made to take it. 
What I appreciate is when someone is able to look beyond the foolish behavior to the heart of the person  and what pain they are suffering through that often pushes them to act so out of pocket like Evelyn did.  And my sister girl, Mother Iyanla was on the case.  With her new OWN show, Iyanla, Fix My Life in the works, she has started earnestly spreading her gift helping women to see into their issues and heartaches and bad decision making. 
Thank God they had sights for our poor sister Evelyn.  In a society that worships beauty and wealth, we often feel no sympathy for people who are so endowed.  But the truth is, neither wealth nor beauty stands for anything.  A devastatingly beautiful woman like Evelyn can easily be the most broken creature walking around in stilettos. 
For many woman, our brokenness stems around our unresolved daddy issues. And Iyanla went in and quickly found that was the case with Evelyn. The episodes that were taped were so real and so raw due to Evelyn's realness.  So much healing came out of Evelyn's encounter with Iyanla.  It was a beautiful and very power thing to watch.  If only we all had a mother/sister/girlfriend like Iyanla, who can get right in our face with our stuff and tell us the truth about who we are.  All this time Evelyn was acting like a "thug among women" when really she was just a broken little girl still grieving the loss of her father at the time she needed him most.

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