Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ladies Who Love Boys Who Are Bad

Come on ladies, we're gonna talk about that Sexy... Fine... Edgy... Slightly Dangerous "Bad Boy" that turns us on and gets our juices flowing--our conquering juices, that is! What is it about this fine specimen of manly creature that is sooooo attractive to us?  Sandra Bullock is a prime example of this.  She was attracted to the man, Jesse James, a wild biker man, covered with tattoos and oozing with primal sexiness!  His deceptive boylike voice only added to his allure.  He's a contradiction, an enigma, a perfect project for taming!  But it just may be that the lion is not tameable.  Sandra  has been devastated by that bad boy, but she HAD to know he was "bad to the bone" Is his name Jesse James or not? 

 So what is really up with this phenomenon of the Bad Boy? 

In a word--Excitement! Yes, that man is edgy and challenging and we ladies like challenges just as well as men.  We also have competitive natures, just not necessarily in the same areas.  We want to keep up with this beautiful Bad Boy--to contain and control and domesticate him!  But let's keep one thing in mind about these Bad Boys--they are unpredictably predictable!  We kinda know that they are gonna do what they do, but we don't always know when or how or with whom. 

Now, instead of accepting this about this beautiful creature called the BAD BOY, and just flowing with it like water for chocolate, we ladies allow our mothering natures, our setting things right, nurturing natures to kick in.  And when dealing with that Bad Boy, who has been rebelling against his momma since he was 10 years old, this mothering nature is just not gonna work.  Simple as that.  He's a rebel! That's what attracted you to him!  So you have to let a rebel be a rebel!  The ONE THING a rebel loves and thrives on, it is when a woman like you or me tries to CHANGE HIM from being a rebel!! That's when he can really put the pedal to the metal in his rebelliousness!  That's when he can really be bad! That's when he comes aliiive!  

Now ladies, if you want that rebellious, sexy, Bad to the bone Boy, you have to accept him for who and what he is.  Do Not, I repeat, Do NOT try to change him.  Anyway, it just doesn't make sense to want to change him into that thing that you're not attracted to anyway.  If he humored you and actually changed, you'd probably kick him to the curb, and pronto! 

So in closing, ladies, I want you to repeat after me:  "I have no power to change my bad boy, and I will accept my bad boy for who and what he is, whatever his vice".


  1. Maybe there is a little bad boy in all men?!? Just like there is a little bad girl in all girls?!? There 's that old saying that all good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught or choose to show just a little more discretion.

  2. Well, brother Reggie, it is what it is, aint it? ;)