Friday, February 24, 2012

Men's Strategies For Fighting Sexual Addiction

Men are being lured into the hellish underworld of internet porn in record numbers.  Too many of our men are being caught and exposed living double lives - holding positions of trust within our communities by day, and sexually victimizing children by night.  From mugshots, their vacant eyes stare back at us.  We are shocked that this is happening. Statistics tell us their victims are often as young as 8 and 9 years old.  Often the horrors these children have endured is unspeakable, so we close our eyes and stop our ears.

Not too long ago the news would report of raids in random houses in suburbia.  These brothels were filled with traumatized Asian girls, who didn't speak our language and had nowhere to go for help.  We now became familiar with the term "human trafficking".  These girl were smuggled into our country and forced into sexual slavery, and we were repulsed and angered that this was happening here in America.  What we never imagined was this fate could befall our own American children.  Unfortunately, the tsumani of human trafficking has reached our shores and is threatening to drown us.  We are overwhelmed and ill prepared to respond.  Now it's OUR children who are disappearing into thin air. 

In times past, western men went to foreign countries to indulge in exotic sexual trysts with women of different cultures. It was seen as a sexy, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" type thing.   Things have changed drastically, and now the ugliness of internet porn has replaced those "sexy" global excursions.  It's now child pornography and it meets our men right in their living rooms.  It's no longer about pleasureable exotic destinations and beautiful foreign women.  It's now about ugly, brutal rape, sexual domination, degradation and bestiality.  There's an onslaught, an all out war on men and they are losing - their jobs, families, money, community standing and self respect - in short, their humanity.  As they are dragged deeper and deeper into more violent and perverted things, most of them are overwhelmed by it, and dont know how to escape. Many men are compelled to act out the demonic fantasies in reality. An increase in abductions and murders and abuse results.  Can we help them?  How?

Human trafficking is a billion dollar global economy and is second only to the brutal drug economy, with all of its murders and devastation.  Human Trafficking has already surpassed gun running in terms of profits. Why has child pornography become so pervasive?  Why are men consuming so much of it and why are they responding to it like a hard core drug? What is the emptiness of a man's heart which is not being addressed?  What is the remedy to a man's sin sick and broken soul?

The insecurity, the stress and the pain of life as a man in a man's world is the reason.  The pain of a man being required to deny his human emotions. The fear in the heart of a young man concerning the meaning of manhood. The false ideas and confusion of what being a man is truly about.  Society doesn't even allow men to sit down with each other and wrestle with false ideas of manhood - that's perceived as weakness, which is a death blow to a man's self image.  Who can a man let his guard down with and be real without being seen as a "punk", a meaningless yet fearful term that is blown out of all proportion in a man's mind?  Men aren't allowed acknowledge emotional pain to each other.

There is hope.

Though the internet is a gateway to ravages of child pornography and also fuels human trafficking the same internet is also is a gateway to the answer and the road to healing.  The internet's potential is its ability to create that roundtable of war and grace where issues and pain can be talked about and shared.  Because of its anonymity, it's the ideal first step, a cyber-place where men can gather and get the hard stuff off their chests.  In the right online community, they can allow themselves the luxury of being human and dealing with situations in their lives while remaining anonymous and without having to fear judgement.  Men are very talkative and real in the privacy of the internet.

Jesus Christ is the answer.

In seeking the help needed to overcome the grip of sexual addiction, Jesus is the answer.  He is the non-judgemental healer of men's hearts.  He is a man's man, tempted but never sinning, the ultimate role model of true manhood. He's a warrior in the time of war and a man with a heart of love at all times. He's acquainted with the pain you are feeling.  Jesus redeems men's souls and grants freedom from all addictions.  There is no better way, but through Jesus Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

There are many men who have gone through the fire and the storm and have come out free on the other side - through a relationship with Jesus.  Jesus teaches what manhood is truly all about, and  He grants His peace to a mind caught in the turmoil of self hatred.  His peace passes all understanding.  He's a heart fixer and a mind regulator.  Through walking continuously in relationship with Jesus, you can learn what it means to be fully human, free from the power of lusts that would ensare you - and filled with joy, self love and self respect and also respect from those who truly love you, in spite of a fallen world all around you.                                              

Important tools and methods for recognizing, acknowledging and fighting against sex addiction

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